● The Spy Gone North, a drama of Yoon Jong-bin, 2h21

The secret service in south korea send the agent Park in 1993, in the neighbor to the north, in order to infiltrate the highest level of the State. The enemy would be in possession of a nuclear weapon. Park pretends to be a business man, could pretend a fondness for the games, and alcohol, leads to his boat, until they meet the supreme leader, Kim Jong-il.

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The Spy Gone North is twisty, clever, ambiguous, subtle. Needless to convene John le Carré, but the same complexity, a sadness that is identical bathes these images that tell a true story more thrilling than any fiction in Mission impossible.

You can see

a man in A hurry , a comedy-drama by Hervé Mimran, 1h40

Alain (Fabrice Luchini) is a business man, powerful, hard worker who sees nothing around him, except if a detail is out of place. The home runs alone, cook, driver, no clutters his way up to his office where the staff second with the same efficiency, its energy vocational inexhaustible. Hard, waking up on a hospital bed, saved, of course, but with serious disorders of the memory and of the word. A speech-language pathologist rebellious and intelligent (Leïla Bekhti) will help out.

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It was delightfully mischievous of having entrusted to a goldsmith of the language such as Fabrice Luchini this character high placed forced to leave in the b. a.-ba to learn the language. Hervé Mimran wrote very well for his characters, including the supporting roles. And he had the good sense not to fall into the clichés of the romance of the rose water. The scenario remains all the same lazy, so much so that the staging does not spark.


impossible love , a drama from Catherine Corsini, 2: 15am

In 1958, in Châteauroux, Rachel, a secretary (Virginie Efira) met Philippe (Niels Schneider), a young bourgeois cultivated. Very quickly, she falls in love. Also. Finally, he assures him that he loves him, but warns quickly Rachel that he did not marry not with it to be able to continue to “do what he wants”. Much to the chagrin of the young woman, who believed in his love.

In this adaptation of the book by Christine Angot, Catherine Corsini is so close to the text that one can hear the tirades, sometimes word-for-word, of the author. This is one of the pitfalls of the film interminable. In the end, one remains indifferent to the experiences of the characters. Maybe because the actors, who have come together over several years, will age poorly.

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Dirty time at the hotel El Royal, thriller from Drew Goddard, 2: 22.

At the end of the “sixties”, a seller of vacuum cleaner, a priest, a hippie, uptight and a soul singer find themselves in a run-down hotel on horseback between California and Nevada. And each of the characters hides a little secret.

In the genre behind closed doors, with the characters talkative and flash-back”, Dirty time at the hotel El Royale is like the Tarantino of Reservoir Dogs or Eight Men . But Tarantino without juice, without verve. In short, the director Drew Goddard takes too seriously its pastiche pop.

● Happy as Lazzaro , the drama of Alice Rhorwacher, 2h10

Lazzaro lives in a hamlet cut off from the world where the peasants live in misery and grow. It could be in the Middle Ages if there had not of motor vehicles. One day, the gendarmes freed the serfs. Lazzaro and his peers are forced to migrate in the big city.

“It is both a political manifesto, a fairy tale, a song in Italy in the last fifty years”, explains the author, Alice Rohrwacher. That’s a lot for a single movie. And the connection is unmistakable in the film: all this modern slavery is the fault of the banks. As it is a fable, it must be a wolf.

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Crazy Rich Asians , a comedy-drama by Jon Chu, 2h

Nick moved his girlfriend in new york in Singapore to introduce him to his family. Daughter of chinese migrants, Rachel discovers stunned that her mate is the heir to one of the largest fortunes of the island. The young woman enters an unknown world and suffers the jealousy of all pretenders of the good society.

Crazy Rich Asians is a Cinderella modern. The romantic comedy is blue flower and meringue to give the diabetes. Only Michelle Yeoh is tasty in mother-in-law crabby hating this potential daughter-in-law penniless.

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● Kursk drama by Thomas Vinterberg, 1h57

Following a manoeuvre carried out in the Barents sea, a torpedo explodes and the Kursk sank. The true story of the drama happened at the Russian nuclear submarine K-141 Kursk in August 2000. Twenty-three survivors battle to survive, at the same time as their families who are trying to support them from the mainland.

The new feature film from Thomas Vinterberg, the director of Festen , is not remarkable. The Danish knows how to certainly handle a camera in a closed place but, in this chronicle of several dozen deaths announced, neglects the political aspect. And the film, which makes the displays Léa Seydoux and Colin Firth falls into melodrama.

● High Life , a science-fiction film from Claire Denis, 1h54

A group of criminals is condemned to live in the space to serve as guinea pigs. Monte (Robert Pattinson) raises her daughter as much as in a kind of vast container to the lighting in the nightclub. As for Juliette Binoche, she finds herself metamorphosed into a scientist crazy, drug the prisoners to abuse them in order to perpetuate the species.

A year after A beautiful inner sun , Claire Denis returns with what looks like a big joke: High Life , a first test of science-fiction missed. The director, who is taken to Kubrick and Tarkovsky, gave birth to a nanar where the enormity of the subject the dispute to the grotesque.