The staff of the ship told how he discovered the remains of Yeshchenko among the debris caught in the rivers of St. Petersburg

In court on the case of Oleg Sokolov called the staff service, picking up the garbage from the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg. Witnesses described the alleged remains of Eschenko, thrown into water, the correspondent of “Rosbalt”.

Tied to the bag found on the morning of November 9 the employees of the “Samara”.

“I Went immediately in Griboyedov canal, removed the debris, at the intersection of the Kryukov canal and Griboedov picked up the bag, near the St. Nicholas Cathedral,” said the captain-mechanic Anton Khabarov.

the Very first finding he had not seen since her net is raised another employee — minder George Sirotenko. The inside of the bag, they investigated only two days later, at the request of the authorities.

“gosh-a sailor came up, and began to untie. Saw red spots said, then there will be nothing to open,” — said Khabarov.

In the end, the study began the captain. According to him, inside was “the subject similar to meat,” and they “realized that it was the body of a man.” The boss called the police.

we will Remind, Oleg Sokolov is accused of the murder of PhD student Anastasia Yeshchenko with which they cohabited. According to investigators, ex-teacher of St. Petersburg state University shot four times in the girl in the night of 8 November, and on the night of November 9, dismembered the body and then threw it in the Sink.

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