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Hollywood actor Elijah wood recorded a video in support of the candidate in presidents of Belarus Victor Babariko. Now he is in prison.

According to star of the trilogy “the Lord of the rings”, he made the appeal at the request of friends from Belarus.

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Elijah Wood supported Eduard and Viktor Babariko!!! ❤️ _____________________ Was going to go to bed early. How can we sleep now? No time to explain! rather watch! You can just scroll to 3:26 🙂 Elijah, you’re my hero forever! #ямы97%

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5 Jul 2020 5:52 PDT

“I Hope you will soon be released, and it’ll all be over,” said wood, quoting the words of a hobbit from Lord of the rings that “the world is good and worth fighting for”.

As noted video recorded using the Cameo service in which money can enjoy a message from a celebrity. Profile wood says that the movie is from it costs $225.

Victor Babariko — the main rival of Alexander Lukashenko in the upcoming elections. Before the nomination he was the head of Belgazprombank. He is accused of tax evasion, corruption and money laundering.

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