The state Department reminded Belarus of human rights and urged them to comply with

the Government of Belarus should provide equal conditions for all who wish to participate in the presidential elections, including the registration of candidates, access to media and other aspects of the campaign. This is stated in a letter to the U.S. Department of state, excerpts of which leads the “Voice of America”.

“Free and fair elections is something more than the events occurring actually in the voting day”, — stated in the letter. It noted that “respect for fundamental freedoms, including freedom of peaceful Assembly, freedom of speech and freedom of Association is crucial to strengthen the relationship between the US and Belarus.”

Recall, after the term of registration of candidates in presidents of Belarus of 19 July, in Minsk and other cities held protests, during which, as reported by the media, was arrested more than 270 people, including at least 14 journalists of “Radio Liberty”, Euroradio, Internet portals, and others. A number of reporters were sentenced to 10-15 days of arrest for participation in the shares.

the presidential Elections in Belarus must pass 9 Aug. “To compete” with the current country’s leader Alexander Lukashenko decided Victor Babariko. However, on 18 June it became known that Babariko arrested in the “case of Belgazprombank” — this credit organization he previously led.

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