The state Duma adopted the draft law on the correction of errors in the inventory report

the state Duma adopted in the first reading a bill to correct errors in inventory reports, the correspondent of “Rosbalt”.

the Bill expands the grounds for correction of errors in reports. According to the document, the error will be considered as the distortion value of the property, including, incorrect definition of the conditions affecting its value (for example, not taken into account emergency state of the object), the use of false statements about the property (area, address, etc.).

it is proposed to abandon the alternative, which contesting the cadastral value of the commissions on consideration of disputes or in court. Instead, we propose to introduce administrative order establishing the cadastral value in the market size by considering the corresponding statements budgetary institution of the Russian Federation, carrying out the cadastral value.

the Bill also expands the list of factors affecting the size of the cadastral value. So, with her determination to mandatory review will be subject, in particular, information about the location of the property, the year of construction, lots of homes, the object is in the boundaries of zones with special conditions of use of the territory. In case of detection of errors in the determination of cadastral cost the fiscal institution is required to verify “similar” objects for the presence of the same errors.

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