The state Duma will adopt about 100 laws in connection with the updating of the Constitution

the Implementation of the amendments to the Constitution will require about a hundred laws. About it as the correspondent “of Rosbalt”, said the head of the Duma Committee on
the legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov.

“We have prepared a list of 100 of legislative acts that need to be modified to implement the amendments to the Constitution,” — said the Deputy. Thus, according to him, there are some laws that need to be taken as new law, for example, the state Council, the law on culture, law on science and the law on closed administrative territorial formations.

the Main part of the existing laws will undergo changes in connection with the amendments to the Constitution. “It is, first and foremost, a social unit, that is connected with social guarantees, indexation of pensions, and so on. Here the whole block of amendments will also be made,” said Krasheninnikov.

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