works a little too coveted. After a graffiti stolen at the Bataclan and a fresco anti-Brexit disappeared mysteriously from Dover in England, the Centre Pompidou “has reported the theft of a work of the famous street-artist Banksy, “made on the inside of the input panel” of its underground car park, said the cultural center of paris in a press release. The theft took place on the night of Sunday to Monday, according to information from LCI that revealed the crime on its website. The chain of continuous information states that the police have been alerted to 4h15.

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The institution, explains that it “filed a complaint this day Tuesday, September 3, for theft and damage, within a space within its perimeter”. According to LCI, an investigation was opened at the office of the fourth district and of surveillance footage are in the course of the study.

“It is assumed that the metal panel has been cut at the saw. We are not owners of the work, it is for this reason that we complaint for degradation”, explained to AFP the communication department of the Centre Pompidou, reached by telephone.

The work represents a rat on the nose masked and brandishing a pencil. This stencil is accompanied by the legend “Fifty years since the uprising in Paris in 1968. The birthplace of modern stencil art” (“Fifty years since the riots of 1968 in Paris. The cradle of the art of the stencil”). “He was appeared on 25 June 2018 and claimed the next day on the account Instagram of the artist”, is reminiscent of the Centre Pompidou.

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A first attempt in July 2018

The Centre Pompidou recalls that shortly after its completion, it “had decided to protect this stencil with a plate of acrylic glass”. “A first attempt to damage or theft had been interrupted in July 2018 by the security officers of the Centre Pompidou, making their round around the building,” underlines the cultural center.

works of the mysterious street-artist british are regularly stolen. A journalist of the AFP has, for example, noted the disappearance of a stencil depicting a man hiding a saw in his back and giving a bone to a dog who is missing a paw, rue Victor Cousin, in the Fifth arrondissement of Paris. This work was also appeared in June 2018, as the stencil located near the Pompidou Centre.

last January, a stencil original artist offered to help the police after the attacks of November 13, was stolen at the Bataclan. An act that has sparked outrage. “The work of Bansky, a symbol of reverence and belonging to all residents, the parisians, the citizens of the world has been taken away,” commented the direction of the room after having found his disappearance.

More recently, a mural painted by the street artist, in Dover, to denounce the output of Europe by the United Kingdom has been covered with white paint. In a Tweet, the mp for Dover, Charlie Elphicke, has expressed its disappointment to see it go, “a cultural icon of our time”. “We had asked the government to place the work under protection, but he had refused. Here’s the result,” he continued.

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