The stock price of AI-95 continue to break records

the Cost of gasoline AI-95 at the St. Petersburg international Mercantile exchange (SPIMEX) during today’s trading jumped to 57,314 thousand rubles per ton, again updating the historical maximum.

It is 0.99% higher than the previous day. The previous record 56,751 thousand rubles was recorded yesterday, June 17. With the beginning of the month the price per ton of AI-95 increased by more than 9%, according to RBC.

As stated yesterday, the Agency of the President of the Independent fuel Union (NTS) Pavel Bazhenov, “the market situation began to deteriorate since the end of may, the wholesale prices are rising every week.” The expert warned that “the broadcast of retail we should expect, gas stations can not continue to work in such conditions”.

According to Bazhenov, “global reason is the damping mechanism, causes, directly influenced the growth of prices — decrease of stock exchange regulations and import restrictions”. “Regulatory intervention once again leads to a fantastic situation: the drop in oil prices leads to an increase in gasoline prices,” said President of NTS.

Recall also that, according to Rosstat, consumer prices on gasoline in Russia on average from 25 to 31 may, has not changed in percentage from the previous reporting period as six weeks earlier. The Agency recorded a rise in the cost of fuel 21 in the center of the RF subjects, and most of all in Kirov and Sevastopol — by 1.3% and 1%, respectively.

In General, pointed out to Rosstat, by June 1, the national average consumer price of 1 liter of gasoline rose 1 penny (compared to 25 in may) to 44.86 ruble.

During the reporting period, the retail price of gasoline AI-92 increased by 2 kopecks to the ruble 42.42. The price of gasoline AI-95 rose 2 cents to 45.86 ruble. Gasoline AI-98 has remained in the same price — 52,07 ruble.

In early June, Minister of energy of Russia Alexander Novak assured that the Russian market of sleepbalsa fuel in full, and there are no preconditions to ensure that the prices at gas stations rose above inflation.

“the Current regulatory mechanism in this part is configured so that prices did not rise above the level of inflation. And prerequisites for today for this (price rise — ed.) no. Yet on the contrary, the company paid to the budget (in the framework of the damper — ed.). In principle, if to take the dynamics of prices at gas stations, for diesel fuel it is below inflation, in gasoline — about zero,” said the Minister.

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