It took fifteen years before Albert Koski opens his box of memories. These will be exposed a few days in Paris in the form of concert tickets, posters and backstage passes rearranged in many works of art. “I worked on it with the artistic director Xavier Bouré. I always made sure to treat the tickets of the concerts that I produced.” The oldest will find the logo KCP, who adorned the posters of rock concerts given in France during the decades 1970 and 1980, well before the country is equipped with rooms suitable for electronic music. “When I started, in 1972, there was nothing”, remembers today Albert Koski. This character of a thousand lives is become the providential man by chance and by necessity. “I had been the agent of photographers English, such as David Bailey, whose best friend was Mick Jagger,” he recalls. Seeing the desert the musical of our country, Koski will visit the agents …

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