The storm brought to the Petersburg

In the second half of the day in Petersburg and Leningrad region came the storm. Local residents shared photos and videos with the consequences of bad weather.

So, trees knocked to the roadway at the Park Alexandria, the embankment of the river Malaya Nevka river, Institute and Izmailovsky avenues, South of the highway. On the 13th line of Vasilyevsky island trunks fell on parked cars. Hurt the machine and on Zanevsky prospectus.

“Today will be a flash mob at trees,” was responded to by the users in social networks.

Citizens urged not to throw the blame on the green deposition, since their already there are few in St. Petersburg. The wind knocked down, however, and other designs. So, in Evpatoria lane on the vehicle has fallen road sign.

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Jun 30, 2020 at 5:52 PDT

Not over the storm and the Leningrad region. Witnesses complained of problems with mobile phones in the Gatchina district. However, some residents shared positive feelings.

“We scooters maneuvered between the falling branches under the accelerating sound of thunder and under cooling large drops of rain, which covered the visibility. Oh, and the adventure came, however. It was fun. Environmental natural friction from the nature with the obstacles,” she wrote in social networks.

the storm shut down Smolny Nicholas, Lopukhinsky, Taurida, gardens Ovsyannikovsky garden San Galli, squares of Galina Starovoitova, the Kazan Cathedral and the Catherine garden. Now has SPecology to eliminate the effects of the weather.

On the effects of the storm to 16:45 reported the emergency Department. So, in the hospital hospitalized four people. “Unit SPb made 95 visits (73 danger of falling (falling trees), 22 a threat of falling of poorly fixed designs). Hit 5 cars,” — said the Agency. In Lakhta, in Primorsky district disconnected the power supply. Detained for 40 minutes two trains at the station “New village”.

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