“The strike is today (Thursday) massively followed by the students”, they wrote, referring to “85% of strikers”.

“The management of the INSP (the National Institute of Public Service, which succeeded the ENA on January 1, editor’s note) informed us of its wish to start negotiations”, continues the promotion Germaine Tillon who counts 82 students.

The strikers also underline their desire to “give a chance to the discussions now under way”.

A new general assembly of the promotion must meet Thursday evening to decide on “the follow-up to be given to the movement on the basis of the progress of the negotiations”, add the students.

In a column published Wednesday by Le Monde on its website, they strongly denounced their “training conditions”.

“Today it is the very attractiveness of the public service that is in danger”, lamented these future senior civil servants, referring to a “succession of reforms” implemented in a “hasty and uncoordinated” manner.

Such a social movement at ENA has been unprecedented since 1991, when students at the time occupied the school’s Paris premises to protest against its move to Strasbourg.

This movement is also in the wake of that of diplomats who stopped work on June 2 to protest against a series of reforms that they believe endanger French diplomacy, a first there too for decades.