to Be an iconic landmark not prohibited to dream of a different destiny. In the halls of the castle of Chambord, the exhibition “Utopia in action” in fact the brilliant demonstration. Under the double office of the philosopher Roland Schaer and the architect Dominique Perrault, Chambord is discussed in the past so sharp and exciting, but also so futuristic. The two commissioners have asked 18 university laboratories of architecture (Japan, Scotland, Usa, Austria, South Korea, Mexico, France…) to think without holding a Chambord utopian. This reinvention of a monument which was never completed by François I, is terrific in more ways than one.

We can see, tiny in the middle of tours, in the near future. It still stands in a postmonde of ruins and sand. It is the only bulwark and place of living visible from the Moon. More prosaically, it occasionally turns into a multi-dwelling building or shelter for migrants. It is overgrown with plants, …

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