The students of medical schools have begun work in St. Petersburg hospitals, disused for COVID-19

to work in medical institutions of St. Petersburg, redesigned for patients with mers have employed more than 500 students in the last courses of medical colleges and technical schools. According to “Dr. Peter”, according to the chief specialist on management of nursing activities of the city Irina Bublikova, students did not wait for the issuance of diplomas. Take them to work in the state and with full pay.

“In medical hospitals assisting patients with coronavirus and pneumonia, in free practice, none of this year’s graduates is not working. Today 508 students employed as nurses in the state. The rest are practices mainly in hospitals. They help with domestic work, call patients learn about their condition, but not in contact with patients,” said Bublikova.

He added that among those students who started with infected COVID-19, ill today no.

“All prior to employment have undergone special training, including on the specifics of nursing care for patients with COVID-19 and regulations for the use of personal protective equipment, — said the expert. — In the General nursing curriculum has a large section on infectious diseases variety, including flu. The coronavirus was developed a special program for up to 36 hours. We have included it separately after completion of training in all major areas, which are in the standard”.

we will Remind, the Ministry of health has allowed hospitals to hire nurses final year students of medical colleges and technical schools to graduation.

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