Pinki, M the magician, Joe Galaxy… The ninth art and has a number of characters evolving in a universe where the humor irreverent mingling with the poetry and the absurd. The author Massimo Mattioli, age 75, died on Friday in Rome, as a result of illness. Great author of the comic book alternative Italian of the 1970s, it has contributed to the creation of the magazine avant-garde Cannibal and Fridge .

After its beginnings in the 1960s, he moved to London and Paris, where he collaborated on the journal Pif Gadget with his series of fairy-like and poetic M the magician, recalling the delicious absurdity of the universe of Krazy Kat. back in Italy, he creates for Il Giornalino , Pinky, a pink bunny photojournalist, who will also make the beautiful hours of Pif Gadget for five years, between 1975 and 1980 .

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Squeak the Mouse. Albin Michel

In 1977, he founded with Stefano Tamburini, the journal alternative and experimental Cannibal that will host the adventures of Joe Galaxy, adventurer alien half-eagle, half-duck.

The journal Fridge , the other title that he helped to found, would become the crucible of a humor cheeky that will influence several generations of writers. Always in Fridge , Mattioli, created in the 1980s, Squeak the Mouse , a fierce parody of characters from cartoons americans, including Tom and Jerry, where he alternates violence, gore, and pornography.

during his long career, Mattioli has been very popular in France and Italy. Amongst the rewards, will be remembered for the Phoenix Award in 1971, the Yellow Kid at Lucca Comics in 1975, the Romics d’oro in 2009 and finally the Award Micheluzzi obtained respectively in 2010 and 2012.