The sun photographed as close as possible (photo)

Published new photos of the Sun taken at a distance of only 77 million km from the star. Images submitted to the European space Agency and NASA.

JUST IN: Scientists from #NASA and ESA just released the closest pictures ever taken of the Sun ? — from the Solar Orbiter

— latest in space (@latestinspace) July 16, 2020

the Photo was taken with a probe in the framework of the project Solar Orbiter. In the pictures you can see the flares, which are millions of times less than solar flares. According to scientists, they play an important role in the phenomenon of the heating of the solar corona — corona 200-500 times hotter layers beneath it, BBC reports.

According to media reports, the office of the project Solar Orbiter was launched from Cape Canaveral in February of this year to obtain new data about the Sun.

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