special envoy to Rome and Strasbourg

Man of the sea, its diplomatic activities led to an official visit to Moscow, and, therefore, at its option, too often at the Bolshoi theatre, the academician Jean-François Deniau was for the drying of the swan Lake . So many want to chase the sorrow of the human heart… Born of the tears of the mother of the princess transformed into a swan, and mirror the tragic havoc of perfect love, The Lake is inexhaustible. Benjamin Pech, étoile at the Paris Opera, today’s ballet master assistant ballet of Rome, comes to sign a new version for the troops in italy. In Strasbourg, Radhouane El Meddeb, choreographer and man of the theatre, creates another for the ballet du Rhin. In Paris, the ballet of the Opera follows that of Nureyev with a first entrusted to Germain Louvet and Léonore Baulac. Sergei Polunin to first be invited as a guest to dancing with Amandine Albisson has finally been thanked: before the bronca conducted by the ballet …

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