“If you want advice, forget that you have no chance. You never know, on a misunderstanding it can work.” After the Ivory Coast, the Val-d’isere and Sardinia, Tanned could land in a retirement home. Patrice Leconte has revealed to Télé Loisirs his idea of scenario, to say the least, incongruous for a fourth installment of the saga: “I have a specific project on this issue… that no one ever will! There is no script written, just an idea. But my secret dream is to make The Tanned 4 in a retirement home. A little bit like the End of The day from Julien Duvivier with a retirement home for actors, but not that. And why not make the film entirely in black and white.”

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While Thursday will mark the fortieth anniversary of the theatrical release of the first film, the announcement of the filmmaker is to take the second degree. The filmmaker thinks of himself as the actors, Thierry Lhermitte, Josiane Balasko, Michel Blanc and Christian clavier, are not “old” for real”. “But with old and very wicked. A species of house populated by tatie Danièle. It could be to die laughing, with a kind of bitterness”, he adds.

Patrice Leconte argues, however, have discussed the idea with his cast, and “it makes them laugh”. “It would be like a farewell, like shooting yourself in the foot. In this retirement home, there would be a cine-club rotten with some of the old films in 16 mm and they would Bronzed , for example. There’s a lot of fun stuff to do. That would top”, he says. During the promotion of his new film See you dance , Michel Blanc stated to the contrary to Télé Loisirs , announcing that “never” does he turn into a fourth pane.

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Despite very good numbers, 10.3 million entries, Tanned 3 had not satisfied the critics. A return of the troupe of the Splendid scares as much as it is a dream. In the meantime, Patrice Leconte presents since Monday, the documentary series Shops dark on France 3.