to celebrate the Ireland of the North, and Game of Thrones , a huge tapestry has been created by the Office of irish tourism. The work of 87-metre-long traces of all eight seasons of the series-the most watched in the world, including the dissemination was completed a few weeks ago. Done in a style very inspired by the Bayeux tapestry, depicting the conquest of England by William the Conqueror, the painting arrived this Tuesday in the sub-prefecture of Calvados.

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She has previously crossed the English Channel before being sent by truck from Cherbourg. This exchange was possible because the Office of tourism ireland has entered into a partnership bold with the National Museums of Northern Ireland and the town of Bayeux. Although not recommended for an audience too young, it will be visible from 13 September to 31 December 2019 at the Hotel of the Dean.

The tale embroidered of eight seasons

Long, 90 metres, the tapestry is the tale embroidered of the eight seasons of the series médiévalo-fantastic tour to Belfast at the global success, which tells the story of families fighting for ruling the fictional world of Westeros. If the tapestry has mostly been woven to the machine, with linseed from one of the last mills in Northern Ireland, it took two years to 30 volunteers to embroider the finish: the red of the blood in the scene of the Wedding with purple, the emerald green of the Greek fire, or the icy blue of the Walkers are White, all key elements in the imagery of the saga. Strong of its success, the web has won seven Awards in advertising.