The actors are like good wine. It is rare that they do get better with time. Nearly twenty years after remembering the beautiful things , Isabelle Carré and Bernard Campan have not taken a ride. On the contrary, they have gained the breath and of the heart. The character, too. Their relationship works beautifully, once again. In the Renaissance, the play of Ivan Calbérac ( The Student and Mr. Henri, Venice is not Italy ), classic and well built, offering them the opportunity to show their complicity.

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The topic here is lighter than in the film by Zabou Breitman, where they represented two of amnesia on a background of melodrama. In Tasting , Isabelle Carré and Bernard Campan are old girl and old boy. Him, in a small wine shop grumpy, or even angry, seems to be torn apart by a tragedy far away. His shop is a landmark of the neighbourhood for an army of trainers elbows. She just moved in the area. Frog daubers on the edges, impeccable in trench coats and pleated dress, she helps the homeless and has a little something for the wine. Red, white, or mass… They were meant to meet. Steve, a young thug with a big heart on parole, will cause this coming together of two solitudes, the more the dive bottle.

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By taking on a false air of romantic comedy movie, this Tasting , above all, two protagonists to shine. Isabelle Carré is, as so often, this “grain” of madness irresistible and exhilarating. It is still funny, sensitive and spiritual. Even when she has to wiggle on the MHD or accentuate the jokes, the room is under the charm. Campan, which asserts itself still more in the registry, drama, found the planks with pleasure obvious and a depth rare in this type of role.

Very funny, the play also takes on the false air of romantic comedy film. Charlotte Spillemaecker

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Their talent overshadow the beautiful presence of Mounir Amamra, in the role of Steve. The young actor, already noticed in The World is yours by Romain Gavras, is full of promises. In theatre as in cinema, it is not easy to play a commuter excited without making them feel uncomfortable. It brings yet a new energy to her character while playing perfect shots.

The comedy file smoothly. The mechanical is already a well-oiled machine. The few false notes (the analogies to sex are still as effective as ringardes), Isabelle Carré makes up for it by its freshness. She manages to make us believe at times the most fragile of the characters, something quite rare in a comedy. She decants fantastically this story, in fact, arise any emotion.

Tasting also offers the illusion of a world that is charming, in the Amélie , where the wine merchant, the doctor and the bookseller are going to hurt at the end of the street. Where the young rogue’s successful reintegration. Where health problems are never fatal, and where the lightning strikes are born around a barrel. On the way out, it was a sudden urge to drink good wine with your loved one. BOOK >