The teenager multiple times spit in the face to trusting to bear from the Kaluga region

Gullible bear of Kaluga region came to the fence of his enclosure to get to know a teenager. However, the boy, crouching down several times spit good the beast in the face.

the Incident captured surveillance cameras. The owners of the animal after the incident, wrote a post-treatment in the Network on behalf of the bear. “I am very kind and not aggressive bear. <...> The guy came to visit me, and when I trustingly extended his muzzle to meet him, as usual, he spat several times into it”, — the message says.

Indignant, the owners now plan to build in the second enclosure fence to protect the animal.

the Bear’s name is Mansur, he lives at the local airport and is very popular among local residents. It even has its own pages in Sistah and hour broadcast of the cage on YouTube. Bear found in 2016 the staff of the airfield Orlovka in the Tver region and handed over to the officials, who identified him on the pritravochnykh station. Then the airmen took the beast and built an enclosure for it at the airport Oreshkovo near Kaluga.

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