While the residents are still waiting to return home, the theatre of Treviso is also forced to adapt to the prohibition of access of the prefecture of police, still in force. Since the gas explosion on 12 January, the hall of the Ninth arrondissement, which was damaged by the blast, was able to reopen its doors.

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The show Pablo Mira said things against the money which was to be given on the evening of the drama was first canceled. The holders of the notes were then due a refund or accept a return for a different date. Two days later, Pablo Mira has announced its “Miranautes” on Twitter that the representation of the following Saturday would be maintained, but that it would take place in another establishment of the capital, the Grand Point Virgule. From 26 January, the comedian is expected to occur on the boards of the theatre Archipelago in the Xth arrondissement of the capital to give his show, every Friday and Saturday at 20h.

Tristan Plot, which the show emotional Dependency were also scheduled in Treviso, will occur this Thursday at the Apollo, in the Xith arrondissement. As to Beautiful Night new musical of Jonathan Kerr and Bénédicte Charpiat, the representations are formally postponed to the end of the month of march. The perimeter is still closed by the prefecture of police, “it is impossible to make the repetitions necessary” regret Guillaume Bertrand, press attaché of Beautiful Night . “To deliver a show that is of good quality, it has been preferred to refer to it, not knowing at what date precisely. We chose a two-month margin, in the hope that the prefecture gives us the permission to access instead of here-there,” he adds. As it is a show with many people on stage as well as scenery, it is more difficult to change the theatre from one week to the other. “We want to play at Treviso ; Treviso has a desire that we are playing at home, so we don’t necessarily want to go and play elsewhere, he says. We would like to continue to work as soon as things will be possible.”

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In regards to the shows Apzurde of Frederic Leclerc, the International Festival of artistic expression to free and disorderly (FIEALD) and the production Musical’In, team of the theatre is still seeking solutions.

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