At the inauguration of the theatre of Napoleon III in the castle of Fontainebleau, in June, sheikh Abdallah Ben Zayed al-Nahyan had a change of scenery “to view”. In front of the eyes of the minister of foreign Affairs of the united arab Emirates, the machinists made slide sets Nineteenth representing a forest, transforming the imperial stage in a bucolic scene. The gesture was seen as a victory by the conservatives of Fontainebleau, who feared him, the odd, and a fall of a large panel of wood until the end. One hundred and fifty years after his period of glory, and after four years of work, the theatre of Napoleon III is back, just in her juices. On four levels, decorative box, it gives an idea of what was the taste imperial, colors claquantes, floral patterns or golden. Given its fragility, the theatre will stay as a heritage object, and will not be used as a show room. It is discovered, on the other hand, with a guided tour, in small groups.

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