The gas explosion at 6 rue de Treviso, Saturday, 12 January morning, in the ninth arrondissement of Paris, four of whom died and fifty-four wounded. On the other hand, it has relatively little impact on the cultural institutions of this area rich in places of entertainment. Only the theatre of Treviso, located at number 14 of the street where took place the drama, and the Conservatoire national supérieur d’art dramatique (CNSAD) have been affected.

The blast caused some damage to property in the theatre. “The first door has been torn off, but the rest of the building is intact, including the canopy,” explains Guillaume Bertrand, press officer of the show Beautiful Night , which must be played in this room in January. “It has been relatively spared because it lies on the same side of the street as the bakery, which has been subjected to the explosion. Rather, the buildings in front that have been degraded”, he adds.

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The security perimeter set up by the prefecture of police after the explosion has resulted in the stoppage of all the shows going on or coming up in the theatre. Tuesday, no date of exercise of this scope was not yet available. “We opted to defer the first of Beautiful Night from 17 to 24 January, specifies Guillaume Bertrand. We don’t know yet when we will again be allowed access to the theatre, so we have preferred to retain a sufficient margin of manoeuvre to have time to make all the necessary adjustments and deliver a quality show”.

Pablo Mira, of which the resumption of the show Pablo Mira said things against the money was scheduled for the day of the explosion, has had to cancel this performance, as well as that of Tuesday.

The comedian hopes to return on stage as soon as possible. “For now, we try to do everything to resume the show this Saturday,” he says. It should take a moment to do a state of in-depth.”

The conservatory of dramatic art temporarily closed

The Conservatory of dramatic art, also located close to the disaster, also suffered the consequences of the explosion: a Dutch door has been blown off. After having been closed on Saturday for security reasons, it was reopened on Tuesday. On the side of the Folies Bergere, where is given the journal Jean-Paul Gaultier Fashion Freak Show , no damage to deplore on the other hand. The explosion occurred during a week of spring break, so no representation had to be postponed. The shows will resume as soon as Tuesday evening.

The theatre of the New features, located right near the building where took place the explosion, has also had the chance to escape any damage. “Near, it is Beirut,” explains Marie-Christine Elrio, who used this room. But we have not been impacted. One has the chance to be in a dead end close, it is probably to this that the effect of breath is not come down to us. The impasse is, however, inaccessible from the street, but as we are in a period of unrelenting, it has no economic consequences for us”.

The other theaters in the area did not suffered any damage and have not modified their programming. At most, the leaders of these institutions have often noted an increase in the number of phone calls to check if the shows were well maintained.