Surprise at the sight of the program in the next month editions Bernard de Fallois. Joël Dicker will publish a book on march 20. It is a tale of the Russian. Its title? The Tiger , sixty-four illustrated pages by David de las Heras.

The editor leaves filter some information: at the beginning of the Twentieth century, a fact various singular became the chronicle of Saint-Petersburg, the capital of the Russian Empire: a tiger monster reigns terror in far-away Siberia. It decimates herds and slaughters the villagers. Rare are the travelers who escape its onslaught. The Tsar promises then who will dare to face up to it and will manage to shoot down a reward fabulous: the weight of the monster in gold pieces.

Editions de Fallois

The bounty hunters rise up in mass, but without much success. The Tiger seems to be gifted with prescience. It removes their traps and game set price hunter ruthless, and then fades again into the steppe. It was then that a young st. petersburg residents, Ivan, decides to begin to turn in the adventure.

He manages to locate the fawn. The final stage of a duel to the death approach. But in order to achieve its purposes Yvan will have recourse to a stratagem heinous that will work against him.

“Already the taste for detail”

“This is one of the first texts of the author written at the age of 19. There is already the taste of the detail is striking and the sense of dramatic progression that will wonder in her novels,” says his editor.

Joel Dicker, 33 years, has published The Last Days of our fathers , The Truth about the Affair Harry , a huge success in the bookstore, which has won two of the most beautiful literary awards ; (Grand Prix du Roman of the Académie française and the Goncourt des Lycéens), it was adapted into a tv series in 2018, on Tf1, created by Jean-Jacques Annaud, with Patrick Dempsey in the title role. His two recent novels are The Book of Baltimore and The Disappearance of Stephanie Mailer . In the list Le Figaro /GFK authors in the French language that sell the most, it appears in the trio of head behind Guillaume Musso and Michel Bussi, with nearly 900,000 copies sold in 2018.