“mothers like Macron!”, tirelessly repeated the rapper Kalash Criminal in the Cougar Gang. decency prevents us to specify the fates is in it for them? This new title had to open his album The Lions den which will be released on November 23. The rapper, a native of the district of Rougemont to Sévran has seen his or her song removed from the album by the record label Universal, he told the website Melty November 11, not unhappy, apparently of the buzz that this was going to lead around for the first album.

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“This is a declaration of love to the cougars simply”

Kalash Criminal

“The Élysée has complained to the record company that the song was too controversial”, explains Kalash Criminal. Of whatnot that, again, it is not necessary to raise the tone (gritty, vulgar, and inept) of its securities.

The presidency of the Republic has obviously not enjoyed the marital relationship of the head of State is associated. And that the First lady is indirectly qualified as a “cougar”. Well decided to integrate despite all of the torque Macron to his Cougar Gang , Kalash Criminal, in the clip of the song, is staged in a salon-like very elysian.

Removing the piece, Universal will be preferred not to upset the Palace. A decision that “disappointed” the rapper. “We were ready to do that, even my lawyer that I called,” says he in his own way, pretending not to understand where the shoe pinches. “It is a declaration of love to the cougars simply, makes sense. I find that it is women who deserve a lot of love and it is necessary to give them, as Emmanuel Macron is done with Bridget.” In a reversal of the argument rather acrobatic.

The title seems even less to be an ode to older women, the rapper continues to brag about on Twitter, retweetant messages that congratulated him for his “insolence” punished by the Elysée.

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