The trailer for the adaptation in real images of Pinocchio has been unveiled. Unlike other films of the genre (Aladdin, beauty and The Beast, Alice in wonderland …), the new version of this children’s tale written by Carlo Collodi is not operated by Disney. This trailer offers a dimension that is darker and more fantastic than its predecessors. The characters are all very visually marked. The atmosphere is cold and austere.

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A dark story for a fairy tale childish

Away from the aesthetic is smooth and without relief that may offer the firm with the large ears, the characters in these first images are all the more worrying one than the other. Men of prey, a woman who seems to have a shell of periwinkle on the back, a man, a dog, a court presided over by a monkey man… A universe is rather dark, which suggests that this version will be restricted to adults. The admirers of the little puppet will be pleased to note that the fundamentals are there. Pinocchio keeps his face of a wooden puppet and its naive tune that had made the success of the cartoon of 1940. Stromboli, the puppeteer, appears to be of the party, and the famous carriage drawn by donkeys to take the kids to the island of Delights also makes an appearance. On the other hand no trace of the fairy blue or Jiminy Cricket, the conscience of the child of wood. The cricket, it is true, is a character very minor in the original work of Collodi, and has gained in importance with the Disney movie.

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An experienced

This new episode of the adventures of the puppet can rely on two contractors of choice: Matteo Garrone (Dogman, Gomorrah ) to the realization and Roberto Benigni (Life is Beautiful ) in the role of Gepetto. The Italian director has already rubbed the genre of the conte fantastique with Tale of Tales where he explored all the dark stories for children. A vision in which he seems to have been inspired in this adaptation. Roberto Benigni, he is already confronted in 2002 with the story of the little liar as a director and actor in his Pinocchio.

And we didn’t finish to see the nose grow as Netflix plans to release a live version of the story sometime in October directed by Guillermo del Toro. Disney is not in rest since the firm’s big-eared has announced its intention to adapt the story of the wooden puppet, with Tom Hanks tipped for the role of Gepetto.