The transit gas pipeline

the Transit of Russian “blue fuel” through the main gas pipeline “Yamal-Europe” was reduced to a tenth of the capacity of the highway, reports “Interfax”, citing data from the European transmission system operators.

At the same time, the Agency said, we are not talking about repairs — annual stop of the “Yamal-Europe” scheduled for 6-11 July.

the GSA Platform for the daily auctions puts the maximum capacity of the pipe, and the transit fits purchased at auction facilities. In fact, since the beginning of the day of resurrection out of the pipeline “Yamal-Europe” to Germany gets amount is about one hundredth of the bandwidth of the pipe.

we will Remind also, earlier Warsaw has decided not to renew the contract for transportation of products by Gazprom through its territory. The term of the contract expired on may 17.

Polish authorities have actually ripped it confirmed the official representative of the Russian gas monopoly Sergei Kupriyanov.

In Poland until Germany passes the pipeline “Yamal — Europe”. The poles were dissatisfied with “overpriced” price for gas because of the 33 billion “cubes” of 17 billion Warsaw was left to himself.

on 15 may it became known that the German regulator has refused to withdraw from the norms of the updated Gas Directive of the EU project “Northern stream-2”. The pipeline is an alternative to transit through Ukraine and Poland. With Dec in relation to Nord Stream 2 are US sanctions.

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