The transit gas pipeline

Transit supply for transnational pipeline “Yamal-Europe” through which Russian gas flowing through Belarus and Poland to Germany, completely stopped on Tuesday morning.

By 8:00 Berlin time (9:00 GMT) the data of the German gas pipeline operator Gascade showed a decline of the physical gas flow at the entrance to the COP “Mallnow” in the East of Germany, reports “Interfax”.

Before that, at 6:00-7:00 am the volume of shipments amounted 272,190 kWh (about 25.8 million cubic meters), representing less than 1% of the volume nomination. By the end of Monday the tube was put 11,231 million kWh (just over 1 million cubic meters), which is 85 times lower nomination, said TASS.

More at the weekend, “Gazprom” has sharply reduced the reservation to Polish the pipes on weekends, up to 33% on Saturday and 10% Sunday and Monday (the actual transit part of these volumes were even less).

earlier, Warsaw has decided not to renew the contract for transportation of products by Gazprom through its territory. The term of the contract expired on may 17.

Polish authorities have actually ripped it confirmed the official representative of the Russian gas monopoly Sergei Kupriyanov.

In Poland until Germany passes the pipeline “Yamal-Europe”. The poles were dissatisfied with “overpriced” price for gas because of the 33 billion “cubes” of 17 billion Warsaw was left to himself.

on 15 may it became known that the German regulator has refused to withdraw from the norms of the updated Gas Directive of the EU project “Northern stream-2”. The pipeline is an alternative to transit through Ukraine and Poland. With Dec in relation to Nord Stream 2 are US sanctions.

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