This is an event more important than it seems. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that spirited away , directed by Hayao Miyazaki, 2001, to be released for the first time in China on the 21st of June, or 18 years after its initial release in Japan.

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Awarded the Oscar for the best foreign film in 2003, the long-feature film of Hayao Miyazaki will be screened in theaters in the chinese just after My neighbor Totoro , in December last year. The first film by studio Ghibli to be released in China, it had collected a total of $ 26 million at the box-office, a fine score for a cartoon released 30 years earlier in Japan.

However, whether spirited away or My Neighbor Totoro , the chinese public has not waited all these years to see these cult movies, as the pirated copies of DVDS and downloading illegal were circulated.

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according To the Hollywood Reporter , if My neighbor Totoro has exceeded all expectations in terms of attendance in the past year, spirited away should do even better. As a reminder, in 2001, during its initial release, the film by Hayao Miyazaki had raised, in Japan, 304 billion yen, or $ 275 million and had sunk the Titanic of James Cameron.

An event in diplomatic

beyond the event as well as a cultural media, the cinema release of the Voyage de Chihiro is also an event that diplomatic. Historical rivals, China and Japan have conflicting relations since the wars, the sino-japanese of the Nineteenth and Twentieth century, despite a treaty of peace and friendship signed in 1978.

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Every new movie have to be approved by the chinese government before an exit in the room, this projection symbolizes the appeasement between the two nations. A strong message, proving that the cinema, but especially the culture, is still a vector of union between peoples.