Jellaba, jewelry, huge hats and sneakers, the three sisters of the band A-WA appear on the international scene in 2016 with their hit single Habib Galbi (“Love of my heart”), of which the clip is shot in the middle of the desert. They blend songs, yemeni traditional, electro and pop. Lulled by a strong musical heritage, traditional and high of their contemporary influences, they mix the two horizons to join in a common project.

Three years after the release of their first album and an international tour, they will come back with a second album: Bayti fi rasi, , literally, “My home is in my head”. A sentence that Rachel, the great-grand-mother of the three sisters Haim, liked to repeat. This woman had fled the Yemen natal during “operation flying Carpet” in 1949, for land in Israel. Its history is the starting point of their new album, conceived as an epic, that of Rachel through the different events that she has lived to the exile and the reconstruction of identity in Israel.

In Hana Mash Hu Al-Yaman , “Here, this is not the Yemen”, the three evoke the leak and the need to build themselves a den, a home self, self-esteem, and make and talk to their grandmother that their grandparents, their related stories. “By writing the words, we had the impression to bring her back to life, but we have also been able to talk about topics that affect us.”

The song produced (as the whole album) by Tamir Muskat (Balkan Beat Box) stock pile in both the rap in the electro for a title that seems to borrow the same path as their tube Habib Galbi . In Bayti fi rasi , we meet the very feminist Mudbira or even the bewitching Shama’a which proved that A-WA has not finished making noise.

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