At the heart of the medieval city of Montluçon, in the Allier, the photo giant a tube of sunscreen on the contemporary facade of the MuPop does not go unnoticed. After Michel Polnareff and the disco, French Museum of popular music has dedicated its annual exhibition to the tubes of the summer. A unifying theme in which the goal is to help double the number of visitors to reach 60,000 tickets sold per year. Just past the door, the memories rush back. Here, on a screen, Michel Delpech takes For a flirt . A song entry in the heritage while himself when he wrote in the spring of 1971, does not believe in it. A little later, Laurent Voulzy has the Heart grenadine but has lent his guitar Stratocaster. But already a tracksuit attracts the eye. It is one of Zebda. Came out after the Macarena Los del Rio Dropped the shirt was the last true summer hit.

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It was at the turn of the century. In 1999. The phenomenon of recording of the tubes …

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