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The Tuche 4: the appointment is taken around the Christmas tree

After a stop in Monaco, Los Angeles, and then at the Élysée Palace, the Tuche will return for a new adventure. This time, their destination is top secret. But we now know that we will find the most famous family of “Bouzolles” in the framework of the celebrations of the end of the year, according to the statements of the director of the saga in First .

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“We have an idea of theme that would take place at Christmas time,” said Olivier Baroux, who was interviewed on the red carpet of the Trophies of the French film by our colleagues. “Now, we do not yet have the whole story: we’ve been working on it all day and it is very long. We will walk on the flowerbeds of father Christmas”, he added.

“Tuches! The Tuches! The Tuches!”

And if fans can rejoice to find Jeff, Cathy, Donald and Mamie Suze around the tree in a fourth installment, they could yell out their love for the chips to the sides of the Tuche for many years to come. “For me, it became an appointment, explained Olivier Baroux. So I’m not going to avoid this appointment, as I wanted to do. The day where I will no longer crave, where I will have nothing more to say, maybe another director will take the place and will be a Tuche 7,8,9, or 10.

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Interviewed by RTL to the end of the month of December, Olivier Baroux was explained to be in full writing the screenplay that he intends to complete before the end of 2019. “You give yourself one year from today to have a scenario. (…) I think it was a good idea, it is now trying to dig. It must be perfect, that’s why it takes a year to write it,” he said.

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