It takes boldness to fly the largest privateer French. Well evil has taken to the incorrigible rogue who is risky. The two guns of the Surcouf had been stolen in September 2017 at the Museum of the history of the City and of the Country of saint malo in Saint-Malo. They were found Saturday, November 17, in a particular, said the court of Coutances.

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The police were investigating the home of a collector of Granville, in the Manche, about the theft of an old registry. They fell unexpectedly on the set of the two pistols, told West France on November 18. “There has been a custody, but the person in whom the guns were found is not directly involved,” explained the prosecutor Cyril Lacombe. The owner of the house, an avid reader of historical treasures, was able to leave the premises of the police.

“repercussions in the world of art”

“to the extent that the protagonist is the subject of an investigation is fairly active, acts will take place in the coming days,” continued the magistrate. Other information will be issued next week.

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The attorney has suggested that the investigation may have “repercussions in the world of art”. The guns were obviously the object of particular attention, since no other piece contained in the showcase – a sword, a dagger, and two axes – had been washed away.

Purchased in the City of Paris, the guns had joined the collections of the museum of the history of the City and of the Country malouin in 1953. They date back to about 1825, shortly before the death of Surcouf, and are engraved with his name. If they are estimated by the specialists of the museum between 8,000 and 10,000 euros, their value is mainly historical. Surcouf is one of the children, the most famous of Saint-Malo, born within its walls in 1773, and was buried in 1827.

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The weapons had already aroused the lust of English sailors in the 1960s. But the two robbers left with guns, ready to leave the city with their ship, were caught before crossing the locks. To believe that all, even the eternal enemies of Surcouf, want their relic of the patron Saint of the corsairs.