The U.S. justice Department demands to suspend the publication of the book of Bolton about trump

the U.S. justice Department appealed to the court demanding the suspension of publication of the book of former Advisor of the President of Donald trump’s national security John Bolton.

As stated in the statement of claim, the reason was the presence in the book secret information that could “undermine national security”. The lawsuit States that the way Bolton is violating the agreements signed with the security clearance.

the Ministry of justice requires publishers Simon & Schuster to publish books until the question of the presence of classified information would not be agreed upon with the US administration. Also, the Agency needs to destroy the already printed copies of the book and prevent leakage of contents.

the statement of claim says that Bolton received a book advance payments in the amount of $2 million, without coordinating its contents with the property and getting permission to publish, which is also a violation of the law.

Recall, the publication of the book of Bolton about his work in the administration of the tramp was already postponed more than once. She is now scheduled for June 23. According to the publisher, the book also contains sharp criticism of trump.

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