The U.S. President promised not to intervene in conflicts abroad

the US President Donald trump has announced a radical revision of American foreign policy and the rejection of the “redivision” of the spheres of influence.

In his words, Washington intends to end “the era of endless wars” and will no longer intervene in armed conflicts in “faraway countries of which were not even heard.”

however, trump said that to invest in the recovery of other countries, the US no longer collected.

the White house has decided to destroy decades the image of the USA as “world police” and to focus on the domestic interests of the country.

“We are not the policemen of the world. But let our enemies know that if our people would be in danger, we have never, will never waver. And when we fight, now we fight only to win,” he said to the graduates of the military Academy at West point in new York.

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