The U.S. Senate will consider a resolution against the resumption of the G8 with Russia

In the U.S. Senate received for consideration prepared 13th by senators resolution against a return to the G8 format with Russia’s participation.

As stated by Democrat dick Durbin, co-chair of the Committee on Ukraine, the resolution demonstrates that the U.S. Senate will oppose the return of the Russian Federation in the “Big eight”, while she “will not stop malicious actions” against Ukraine, United States and its allies, reports “Kommersant”.

At the same time, Durbin critical of in the address of trump, who, in his opinion, seeks to improve relations with Russia despite the threat that it allegedly poses to the us military, election, and sovereignty of the United States.

Recall that in June, trump shared with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin the idea of an expanded G7 summit to discuss “the future of China.” In turn, the Russian foreign Ministry called the idea “flawed,” noting that “to discuss any matters in the modern world without China is impossible.”

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