The UN predicted the death of patients with HIV against the background of the pandemic coronavirus

coronavirus Pandemic has had a serious impact on measures against AIDS in the world. This is stated in the statement of the joint UN programme on HIV/AIDS.

Experts fear that a complete break in the treatment of HIV infection at 6 months can cause more than 500 thousand excess deaths in Africa in the next year. “Even a 20% break in treatment can cause additional 110 thousand deaths,” the statement noted.

it also contains a statistics, according to which the world in 2019 from AIDS-related diseases died 690 thousand people, and 12.6 million of the 38 million people living with HIV do not have access to lifesaving treatment.

the pandemic COVID-19 global goals for HIV set for 2020 will not be met, he concluded, and urged States to create “national” vaccine against the new virus, and increased investment in combating both diseases.

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