The UN will elect new permanent members of the security Council

the UN General Assembly plans to hold on Wednesday election of new permanent members of the Security Council. Five places claimed by Canada, Djibouti, India, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico and Norway, RIA “Novosti”.

among the permanent security Council members include Russia, USA, UK, China and France, with veto power. Ten other members of the Council are elected for two years. Currently the Council are Germany, Belgium, Dominican Republic, Indonesia and South Africa, who were elected in 2019-2020, Vietnam, Niger, Tunisia, Estonia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, elected in 2020-2021 years.

Wednesday will be elections of countries that the year 2021 will replace those whose term of membership in the Council ends in 2020. It is anticipated that States will be elected in four regional groups.

All seven to claim the space of States already were part of the security Council. India took a seat in the Council seven times, Canada six, Mexico and Norway — four, Ireland three, Kenya — twice, Djibouti — one time.

For the election of the country-the candidate must get two-thirds votes of the present delegates of the General Assembly, not less than 129 votes out of 193.

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