The United States accused Russia in the transfer of aircraft to Libya to support the Haftarot

the US Armed forces in Africa (AFRICOM), said that Russia throws a MiG-29 fighter jets to Libya to support the mercenaries, still fighting on the side of the Libyan national army, Khalifa the Haftarot.

it is Noted that the air force was transferred through Syria and camouflaged to conceal the accessory equipment to Russia.

According to AFRICOM, the Russian air force will help the soldiers, so-called PMCs “Wagner”, although Moscow denies the relationship with the organization.

the Pentagon has stated that Russia can no longer deny their involvement in the ongoing Libyan conflict.

“We watched as Russia sent the fourth-generation fighters in Libya, tracking of each stage. The LDF and private military companies are unable to obtain weapons and equip soldiers without state support”, — says the message command.

On AFRICOM published the photos, the Libyan airbase of El Dzhufra made may 19, visible a few machines MiG-29, moved “recently”.

In the state Duma this information is called untrue.

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