The United States accused Russia of

the actions of the International criminal court (ICC) threaten the sovereignty of the United States. Washington is concerned about the increasing activity of Russia, which is trying to “manipulate” the ICC and can be a “detrimental effect,” reports the Wall Street Journal, citing its sources.

against the officials involved in the investigation, which Washington deems illegal, the state Department and the Ministry of Finance can now impose sanctions, it follows from the decree, which was signed by the President of the United States Donald trump. We can talk about the freezing of the assets of ICC employees in U.S. jurisdictions and ban them entry into the country.

Under the sanctions fall the high-ranking officials of the ICC, including participating in investigation of U.S. actions in Afghanistan, said the media. The White house explained that “the ICC continues its politically motivated investigation” against the United States, involving serious corruption component.

Add the United States are not party to the Rome Statute, Washington earlier rejected the approval of the ICC of jurisdiction that international jurisdiction over U.S. citizens.

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