The United States announced the withdrawal of the military from Germany

the Secretary of defense mark Esper has announced a major rotation of American soldiers in Europe and the return of part of them home.

So, the number of US troops in Germany will be reduced to about 36 thousand to 24 thousand, and the home return of 6.4 thousand troops.

“the Current plan of the European command is to relocate approximately 11.9 thousand troops from Germany,” said Esper.

indicates that approximately 5600 military will be deployed in other NATO countries, including Belgium and Italy, for the “containment” of Russia and ensure the security of the allies.

the US is also considering the possibility to shift additional forces into Poland and the Baltic States. The number of units will continue to be available on a rotational basis “in the East and in the Black sea area”.

in addition, the headquarters of the European command is translated from the German Stuttgart to Belgium (in Mons, Belgium is NATO headquarters, commander of US forces in Europe at the same time holds a post of the commander of the NATO).