The United States learned about the trials of Russian anti-satellite weapons and accused Moscow of hypocrisy

Russia tested anti-satellite weapons, space-based, which is not consistent with the stated mission of the Russian satellite system. This was stated by the head of the Space command of the USA General John Raymond, it quoted the “Voice of America”.

He said that the space command of the United States has all the evidence. “For the testing of weapons in orbit were used to the Russian satellite system, about which the United States expressed concerns, when Russia carried out maneuvers near an American government satellite,” explained Raymond. According to him, the next test “is another indication of the constant efforts of the Russian Federation on the development and testing of space systems that puts at risk the space assets of the United States and its allies.” Raymond added that “this event underlines the hypocritical nature of the calls for Russia to control space weapons, which Moscow seeks to limit the ability of the United States”.

the U.S. state Department also expressed concern about the fact that the behavior of Russian satellites does not correspond to their stated mission.

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