The United States suspected the Consulate General of China in aid exploration of China

US Intelligence agencies believe that the Consulate General of China in Houston has collaborated with the Chinese intelligence service, helping to steal information about developments in the medical field.

As reported by NBC News, the Consulate General played the role of “high-tech communications hub for the coordination and implementation of operations in the intelligence field.” In addition, depodesta allegedly helped Chinese intelligence infiltrate in the oil and gas industry.

the Publication also says that the Federal Bureau of investigation United States for several years, received information that confirms this information.

Earlier official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China Wang Wenbin called a political provocation by the U.S. to close Chinese Consulate in Houston.

Before that trump has signed the law on the involvement of the Chinese authorities accountable for the actions, eliminate the autonomy of Hong Kong. Later, the Chinese foreign Ministry said that the U.S. government incites hatred against the PRC.

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