Guest of the show The Info is true, the mag Monday on Canal+, Bernard Campan were probably speaking only of his new play Tasting , given at the Théâtre de la Renaissance from the 29th of January. But an indiscretion has revived speculation on a hypothetical reformation of the Unknown, the trio of comedy that made him famous. When interviewed, Bernard Campan, first reported reluctant to resume the adventure. Until Isabelle Carré, his partner on stage, the cup. “You have got to rehearse with them, there, for a special trick”, she exclaimed, before realizing that she has perhaps said too much.

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“Yeah, it was a secret, this is not a return,” faltered the actor, caught short. “We’re going to do something like that, for the public,” he continued, evasive. Something at the cinema? “I say nothing, I’m going to get yelled at otherwise,” says the actor.

This will be a one-time realization because it is “not ready to go back to the long-term,”

While the fans are already dreaming of a revisit to sustainably Unknown address major through the company, the comedian shower their enthusiasm. “I’m not ready to go to the movies, or for the long term,” he again clarified. And formats with shorter? No more: “Return of the skits, it’s not. For the moment, no.”

Even warned of the ephemeral nature of this reformation, we are eager to know what will be this small “something” concocted by the three musketeers of laughter, Bernard Campan, Didier Bourdon and Pascal Legitimus!.