It goes on to rediscover the author of The Stranger and The Fall , and this is only justice, and this is happiness. After the posthumous publication of his autobiographical novel The First Man , his Notebooks and travel Journals , here is a new peter who comes to confirm and strengthen the seed of an author more contemporary than ever: the correspondence of his cross and unheard-of with his friend the Italian Nicola Chiaromonte, in the wake of the exchange of letters with the poet René Char, André Malraux, and his mistress, the actress Maria Casarès.

“A spirit who haunted by the horror and the absurdity of our world, denies the ambiguity in the name of righteousness, who made to shine again”

committed Intellectual, writer, anti-fascist, some ten years the elder of Camus who admire him, fighter of the Spanish civil war alongside Malraux (he appears in the guise of Giovanni Scali in The Hope ), friend of Alberto Moravia and George Orwell, Chiaromonte had met the fate of the author of The rebel Man in 1941 in Algeria. From this decisive encounter, a complicity of intellectual coupled with a sincere and lasting …

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