The US authorities were allowed to hunt and kill bears, wolves and deer in national parks of Alaska

In the United States was allowed sport hunting in national preserves of Alaska for bears and cubs. The decision was made by the administration of the President of the United States Donald trump, the corresponding document is available in the electronic database of the Federal registry of the United States.

Authorities lifted the ban, introduced under former us President Barack Obama.

Trump administration undoes rules that restricted bear hunting in Alaska. This would allow extreme cruel killing methods on over 20 million acres of national preserves, says @HumaneSociety. via @LFFriedman and @nytimes.

— HSUS News (@HSUSNews) June 9, 2020

Now allowed the use of searchlights to dazzle in the hibernation of bears and their cubs, the killing of wolves, coyotes and their pups during the lactation period of the offspring. Hunting is allowed in the water on reindeer, and the use of dogs for hunting bears.

Earlier media wrote that the US President’s son Donald trump Jr. in Mongolia argali killed by permission of the local government.

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