The US President called world war

“the US won “two world” war” — a phrase distinguished President of the United States Donald trump in an interview with Fox News channel.

this was Said during an emotional comment about the renaming of military bases named after generals of the Confederacy.

trump called for respect for the military victory of the US and to honor their heroes without linking this issue with the racial problems in society.

“Fort Bragg”, “Fort Robert E. Lee” — the FORTS wore these names for a long time, decades. I don’t care what they say in the military. We won two world wars, two world wars, two great world wars, cruel and horrible, and we won them from the “Fort Bragg”, we have won them all these FORTS,” said trump.

His resolve, he confirmed that promised to veto the project of the future budget, if Congress approves it, point to rename the FORTS.

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