In the French musical landscape, Elisa Point is a figure of ufo. Published as well in the major (CBS, Universal) on a slew of independent labels, his discography looks like a constellation, recognized by the experts, is spread over more than three decades.

through his work, the artist describes the feeling in all its forms. She takes a moment with a sense of the unique poetic. Without ever falling into the game of words, Elisa Point cultivates a spontaneous writing, to the verb chiseled that fact immediately “fly”.

as early As 1984, his album The Killer covers topics ambivalent and ambiguous that Serge Gainsbourg himself was exhilarated. Therefore, the milestones of a unique universe is laid. A universe that has never ceased to expand and enrich themselves, finding for media this is a voice immediately recognizable. A unique way to sing by saying the lyrics. Some speak of it as a “chuchanteuse” or an “actress,” music as the inspiration film forms a fundamental part of his universe.

In the 90’s, Elisa Point and is exported to Japan, where she released several albums. It is as well as Pierre Barouh, the man to whom we owe the B. O of a man and A woman , and that the country of the Rising Sun, devoting a true worship, the sign for the publication The girls are boys weird! on his legendary label Saravah.

“the complexity of The feeling of love and existential is declined in all its forms with such accuracy, such precision, that the work is totally stunning beauty”

Leonard Lasry invite us, about the “Diary of a heart”

With an exemplary regularity, it speeds up the rate of publications. There is hardly a year without a production sees the light of day. Among them, The diary of a heart , a box set of 100 songs. “The discovery of this album published at the time in the form of a box 5 CD has been a real shock. This album is kind of its In search of lost time to it. The complexity of the feeling of love and existential is declined in all its forms with such accuracy, such precision, that the work is totally stunning beauty,” says Léonard Lasry, who had since become his closest collaborator.

If she signs almost all of his songs on his albums are purely solo, Elisa Point-like to the year of the collaboration. For her, it is instinct. “It happened to me to receive solicitations from artists that are very popular with who I could collaborate but I trust still to the instinct and I never write on command. I let him go without any regret several big names of the variety with which I felt no particular affinity” she says.

Among its rich repertoire: his critical involvement in the album As if the earth was leaning of Christopher. She has authored several titles some of which are among the only ones to have found a permanent place in his repertoire today, and in the hearts of his fans: These little luxuries, such As a forbidden, hell starts with L … A pride.

the rhythm of The meetings, she also collaborates with Gérard Darmon, Diane Tell, the muse of Fassbinder Hanna Schygulla, the time of a few songs. But it starts really there about ten years, it is a series of albums in 4 hands designed with partners of choice, marrying him each time, his universe.

And will appear successively Lessons of grief… Course of joie de vivre with Hervé Zenouda, musicologist and former drummer of the Stinky Toys, Why can’t we? , an album with two voices with the lyricist Belgian Jacques Duvall (known to have signed the bulk of the discography of Alain Chamfort and Lio). Also a pop album under the group name “Sorry” with the arranger Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis, his most recent production in the solo Landscape in the hollow of the ear recorded under the leadership of Pierre Faa, as well as another album in two voices with Alain Klingler published last summer, tonight’s the night, come back later .

Elisa Point has chosen to bind to the public in another way, by posting portraits and texts unique in their kind to those of the large screen that she admires and who inspires them

The first single Both Isabelle is a rousing tribute to Isabelle Huppert and Isabelle Adjani. Because Elisa Point knows and enters the players with accuracy off hand in hand. On social networks, it does not see the selfie of the artist nor of self-promotion. No, Elisa Point has chosen to bind to the public in another way, by posting portraits and texts unique in their kind to those of the large screen that she admires and who inspire her. Since then, every post is appreciated by a large number of celebrities from the world of cinema, the actors themselves, thanking them sometimes, since their official page, the author.

With the composer-producer Léonard Lasry, artistic director of the label 29 Music, today at the initiative of this wave of reissues, the lightning is immediate. As of 2010, Elisa Point is charmed by his sense of melody and his unique way of “grasp the nuances of the interpretation.”

on his side, fascinated by the whole universe of the one who likes to be called ‘the Françoise Sagan of the song”, Léonard Lasry makes the point that in 2012, a tribute album entitled Except composed of a dozen songs selected from a list of 300 titles from the directory of the author. They sing as a duo, responding to each other in an intimate voice, more than ever, sensual and cinematic. To illustrate this project, they associate with Gérard Courant and his foundation to develop a project of video installation work at a new concept. A tribute to the cinema of the sixties, to its attractive appearance and the unspeakable that plays out between actors and actresses, all of this reviewed and mixed on the songs of Except . The project gives rise to projections in art galleries, museums, or cabinets of curiosity. The opportunity to offer single appointments and most importantly to offer an alternative to the classic course of the scene. On this subject, Elisa Point says, “in having done by homeopathic dose” but prefers to discover his songs by other means, the video and the recordings in the first place.

The tandem sign set Before the first , the last album of Léonard Lasry as well as a multitude of collaborations for the crooner swede Jay-Jay Johanson, the singer and american actress Jane Badler, or even the artist burlesque Lolly Wish thealbum enough to be released on 8 February next, entirely composed and written by Léonard Lasry, will contain six documents signed, Elisa Point.

If Elisa Dot has published several collections of texts in the bookstore, one of the next surprises will be the output of a first novel, which she keeps for the moment the mystery.

(1) “Autobiography of a gaze”, 20 titles. Available in 29Music/Kuroneko.