The vets named the main signs of heatstroke in cats and dogs

Vets can help Pets in case of warm shock in the heat.

Experts said that the main signs of warm shock in cats and dogs are lethargy, severe shortness of breath with his tongue hanging out and shivering.

the veterinary Committee of Moscow has warned that Pets should never be immersed in water — this will be an additional stress. According to veterinarians, animal watering with a hose can lead to hypothermia.

according to “veterinary and life”, the experts recommend first and foremost to take the pet to a cool room and it is more fresh water. After that the doctors advise you to lower the legs of the animal in cool water.

In order to avoid heat stroke in animals experts urged owners to ensure their Pets always had fresh cool water. In hot weather walk is better to leave in the morning and evening, and also to eliminate all physical stress for the animal.

in addition, doctors strongly advise you to leave the animals in a closed car in the sun.

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