The victim at a polling station in St. Petersburg journalist discharged from hospital

Journalist David Frenkel victim to one of the polling stations of St. Petersburg was discharged from the Institute of ambulance behalf of Zanclidae.

As he Frankel told the portal Sign, work it until you can. Due to severe pain in the injured shoulder has to take pain medicine. After a few days the doctors will remove the stitches. The restoration of the hand will begin only after two or three weeks, added Frankel.

At the same time today, Frenkel interviewed the staff of the Investigative Committee, which conduct pre-investigation checks on the fact of attack on him at the polling station.

we will Remind, the journalist “media zones” Frenkel tried to remove from the polling station No. 2119 in St. Petersburg after he asked Commission members to introduce themselves, because they had no distinguishing marks. The journalist tried to withdraw from the area by the police, one of them pushed Frenkel and broke his arm. The Institute of ambulance Frenkel has carried out the operation. He was diagnosed with a fracture of the humerus, damaged radial nerve.

Earlier in the same Committee tried to remove independent members and observers, according to “Observers of Petersburg”. The Chairman of the PEC Valentines Landesco refused to show the ballot boxes and election documents, requiring independent members of the Commission “not to interfere with her work.”

On the website was a petition, the author demanded from the leadership of the interior Ministry to prosecute the police officer who broke the hands of Frankel. “The actions of the journalist did not pose a danger, but the police threw it on the floor and broke his arm, and then David Frankel took a four-hour surgery. The recovery could take several months,” reads the petition.

the author indicates that police actions can be qualified as article 144 of the criminal code — “obstruction of the lawful professionalnational activities of journalists.” However, despite the available videos of the MIA denies the police assault on the journalist.

“the police can not attack the journalist and to interfere with his work. It is illegal. A police officer can not attack an unarmed and unthreatening man in his own or other people’s understanding. It is illegal and immoral. When, instead of the source aid and the rule of law becomes a COP for the citizens of his country’s symbol of lawlessness, cruelty and meanness — it’s disgusting,” the petition reads.

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